You Can Turn a Book Into a Loom!

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Learn how to make your own loom by using a book as the base. It won't hurt the book at all! Enroll in this free course and get started weaving today.

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Lucy Jennings
Lucy Jennings

Why I Love to Teach

Teaching kids or teaching adults, the feeling is the same. I love it when they "get it." Faces light up and they just can't put the loom down, they're having so much fun. I want to help you find your creative happy place, where you go to relax and wind down.

Welcome to the World of Weaving

Weaving can be complicated or simple, and I'm going to give you the simple part. I'll be here to help you with any snafu and make sure you are having the fun you signed up for.

I'm not even sure why I enrolled in my first weaving class, something inside me just wanted to learn. I loved to feel the fabric as I wove it on the loom, and to see if my big idea was really going to come out like I imagined. After that first class, my college courses all revolved around weaving... and teaching.

I studied weaving at Northern Arizona University where I received an MA in Art Education. My work has appeared in Handwoven magazine, and I've sold my handwoven clothing and beaded jewelry at local and national craft shows.

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